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Why CloudStorage

Why CloudStorage

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Our customers are most often asked about these questions:

On which CloudStorage operating system works?
Our solution is independent of the operating system and can be used on Windows, Linux, OS2 and Solaris.

Is it possible to move the solution to the Cloud?
Yes, the entire Neit Metadata Server and the search module can be moved to the Cloud. For example, Oracle Compute Cloud.

How much data can be backed up?
The amount of data is limited by the size of the storage used.

Is it possible to buy a license without full-text search?
Yes it is possible, we offer a version even without this module. However, it will be possible to search for data using metadata and TAGs tailored to your needs.

What data can be backed up?
Anything that can be saved / exported as a file can be backed up. Additionally, the client can connect to most relational databases and back up data directly from them.

Will I need third-party licenses for your solution?
No, no more licenses will be required.